10 Tips for Avoiding Anger

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Frustration and anger are something we all experience every so often. I put anger and frustration together in the same category mostly because, usually, anger comes rooted in a sense of intense frustration. Feeling anger is natural, but being in a constantly angry state, or letting yourself reach a high level of frustration several times a week can be unhealthy and damaging to you and others around you.

For a lot of people, anger is an immediate response to an unwanted trigger. We are only human, and we cannot easily change how we immediately desire to react to a situation. We can, however, with a little bit of effort, change how we do react and with what actions and words we respond.

This list is not only for those raging day in and day out. This list is for anyone who does not want to be angry or upset as often as they are now. Take a look at your very recent life. Are you happy with how you handle situations? Do you let yourself get very upset, but hold in all your frustration? You don’t have to act like an angry person to be an angry person. Many people are easily worked up, but do not express their emotions. If you can relate to the previous statement, then yes, this list is for you, too.

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The Benefits of Breathing

I cry out love keep your arms around me by Jack Batchelor, on FlickrBreathing is movement within our lungs. Breathing is flowing, life-sustaining, and fuel to the rhythm of our hearts. Yet, we often overlook it in our daily lives. True, breathing is not optional. Obviously, it’s an involuntary action that our bodies regulate themselves, so why on earth should we have to pay attention to it at all?

Let me answer that with a request: right now, put your hands on your lap, sit back, close your eyes, and breathe deeply and slowly, in and out. Go ahead, I’ll wait.

Back? Okay, now how did that feel? For most people, breathing in a controlled, calm manner does wonders for their mood, stress levels, and outlook. When we get caught up in hectic situations or destructive moods, we often cause blockage in the natural flow of our breath.

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Practice Progress, Not Perfection

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I am a perfectionist. A very lazy, procrastinating perfectionist, but a perfectionist nonetheless.

Perfection is something that, unfortunately, many of us do seek. We are always told how we can be better, try harder, make more money — the endless demands of others’ can often snowball together into a desire to meet every single one of the standards we hear around us. But these are not our standards. It is not our job to be what others want us to be. Our “job” is to be the best that we can be, and that does not equal perfection.

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