Giving With No Strings Attached

I'll Give You All I Can... by Brandon Christopher Warren, on Flickr Tonight I witnessed something particularly ordinary, but interesting nonetheless. A man in the theater parking lot where I was walking got out of his car and immediately crossed over to the other side to open the door for his wife. She walked out without even so much as a thank you and just moved past him. He stood smiling the whole time.

Some may think, “Why does he put up with that? He shouldn’t do that if she’s not going to appreciate it!” She offered him no thanks, no gratitude, and nothing in return. And yet, he was still happy to do it. Although it may seem difficult to believe at first, this small, simple act showed me so much unconditional love. His actions did not come tagged with a condition or an expectation. He simply loved his wife and wanted to do something nice for her. No strings attached.

Often times I find people struggling to give without expecting anything in return.

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